Gianluca Casotti Post Doc - Current member

Gianluca, nicknamed "Diablo", is working on the multidisciplinary project "Quantum LIP". A project that mix computational and synthetic approaches for the development of functionalizable photoswitches. He dedicates his time and scientific interests between the Molecolab of Prof. Benedetta Mennucci and the Sos&PePSY Lab.

He is particularly fascinated by technology, informatics and.... 3D printing.


Fabiana Cordella PhD student - Current member 

Fabiana is working on a PON project (Programmi Operativi Nazionali) on the development of new soft materials for bio-medical applications. Her project is based on a great collaboration with Neauvia, leader company in the cosmetic industries.



Ivan Carbone Master student - Current member 

Ivan is working on the development of an efficient synthesis to have direct access to bis-amino acids of different lenght and nature. His project is a collaboration with Prof. Anna Iuliano. The synthesis of such molecules is really important for the design of a new class of compounds with potential antimicrobial activity.


Francesco Basini Master student - Current member

Francesco is the first master student involved in the project QUANTUM LIP, a joint adventure between computational and synthetic chemists, with Prof. Benedetta Mennucci. Francesco will work on the synthesis of new functionalizable photoswitches.


Ludovica Dei Master student - Current member 

Ludovica is working on the synthesis of a new family of amphiphilic molecules to study their self-assembly properties, in a joint project with Prof. Di Bussolo e Dr. Di Pietro of Pharmacy Department.


Ferdinando Fierro Master student - Current member 

Ferdinando is working on the synthesis of a new class of peptidomimetics, to study their conformational properties, through chiroptical spectroscopy, in a joint project with Prof. Pescitelli.

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